John Chen says BlackBerry will launch eBBM this month


In addition to broadcasting his interest in developing a phablet, BlackBerry CEO John Chen also narrowed the release windows for eBBM in an interview with the Jakarta Post this week. A suite of enterprise-grade BBM services, eBBM was broadly labelled for a summer release when it was announced earlier this year, but Chen’s comments below indicate that we should see at least part of the suite before the month is up.

“We [also] have a lot of products in the enterprise spaces coming out […].We are looking at releasing our new enterprise offer […]. We have now set up BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) for enterprises called eBBM, starting in June this year.”

From Chen’s statements in the interview, it’s unclear exactly what eBBM services will be released in June, but expect BBM Protected, which BlackBerry has been demonstrating at enterprise roadshows, at the very least. Hopefully, the recently confirmed BBM desktop video chat will also make an appearance this month.

[source]Jakarta Post[/source]