Apple’s rumoured split-screen iPad multitasking feature found in iOS 8 code (video)

While it was rumoured that Apple would include split-screen multitasking on the iPad in iOS 8, an announcement was nowhere to be found during WWDC. Turns out that the code is in there — it’s just not activated.

Developer Steven Troughton-Smith discovered the code hidden in the iOS 8 beta, and while the feature is neither complete nor fully functional — take a look at the bugginess in the demo video below — it’s clear that Apple has been experimenting with it for some time. 9to5Mac claimed that the feature could be delayed until iOS 8.1, or scrapped entirely, so at this point it’s a nice placeholder for the iPad’s future potential.

With the announcement of iOS 8’s Extensions, which allow apps to speak to one another more directly than before while maintaining the sandboxing that has kept iOS free of malware, the split-screen multitasking potential of the iPad is even more possible now.