‘Hardest game ever’ VVVVVV comes to iOS and Android

One of the hardest platformers of the last ten years, VVVVVV, has come to iOS and Android. The game’s creator, Terry Cavanagh, is famous for his fiendishly difficult creations, most recently unleashing Super Hexagon on various mobile platforms.

The game was originally built using Flash for Windows and OS X, but was quickly ported to Linux, Nintendo 3DS and PS Vita. Now, after four years, it’s available on smartphones and tablets.

The game, which features Captain Viridian hurling himself up and down, defying gravity, spikes and a host of enemies, is visually basic, but its simplicity belies what reviewers call a “ceaseless elegance of the design.”

Available on iOS and Android for $2.99, the game is a must-download for anyone who likes a challenging platformer.

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