Mobilicity offered up a $20.14 bill credit to those who predicted the World Cup winner

If you were quick to the draw you could’ve had a chance of winning a cool $20.14 from Mobilicity — which might possibly be the only money the company has left. The struggling wireless carrier has been in creditor protection for a number of months and, according to a recent court document, only has enough money in the bank to last until the end of the month, or at the outset a few more weeks.

Regardless, the most important part is that if you’re a winner of the Mobilicity World Cup contest you’ll end up saving a bit of money. The contest is now over, but those who participated — which looks to be about six — had to tweet who they believe will win the World Cup this year. If successful, a credit will be applied to the account between July 14th and 31st.

Source: Mobilicty
Via: Twitter