Google Fit expected to debut at I/O this month

Google is expected to make a development kit available around fitness at I/O this month, aptly titled Google Fit.

A report by Forbes says that Google will launch the service as a way, “to collect and aggregate data from popular fitness trackers and health-related apps,” much like Apple’s newly-introduced HealthKit and accompanying Health app.

Google Fit would be aimed at both developers and end users, allowing companies to modify their apps using standard APIs so users could go to one place, an app, on Android to view the data. Google would then put this information in the cloud, negating the need for separate logins and dashboards for various devices. At the moment, if you’re using a Fitbit and a PUSH band, you’ll need to open two separate portals to see that information.

Google Fit is likely to launch in conjunction with Android Wear, making it easy for users of customized Android-based fitness apps to glean information about their health. As Google previously stated, Android wear is not just for smartwatches; although the first devices will be wrist-based timepieces, Google sees it expanding to jewelry, clothing and other uses.

Samsung recently launched its own health platform, with an experimental wearable device “full of sensors” called Simband.