BitTorrent reveals more information about its peer-to-peer Chat app

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As BitTorrent Labs prepares for the upcoming private alpha of BitTorrent Chat , the development group is sharing more information about the app. Claiming that privacy means “the ability to express oneself freely with autonomy and to feel safe doing so,” BitTorrent’s design approach appears to be providing as many options as possible to leave Chat users feeling safe and secure.

For example, BitTorrent Chat will feature at least three different options for signup: email, phone number, and ‘incognito mode.’ While the first two are useful for those looking to import contacts, the latter is for those who wish to share as little personal information as possible. Similarly, while BitTorrent has touted its decentralized messaging system, which relies on device to device communication rather than a potentially vulnerable centralized server, that’s only one option. BitTorrent Chat will also feature a VPN-type service for those looking to completely obscure their identity, routing all communications through a relay server to obscure any metadata that might otherwise be available.

BitTorrent Labs is currently running an internal alpha for BitTorrent Chat, but the private alpha will be starting soon. You can sign up at the source link below, although there’s still no word on which mobile platforms, if any, will be supported during the alpha test.

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