Rogers investing $450 million into British Columbia to improve its LTE network

Rogers logo

Rogers invested a massive $3.29 billion during the 700Mhz spectrum auction and captured 22 valuable ‘beachfront’ licences. Wireless service has already gone live in select parts of Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto.

Rogers recently announced that they’ll be dropping down $450 million into British Columbia to improve its wireless network. The money will be spread out over 3-years and service will be expanded in over 70 locations. Rogers noted in its press release that “As part of this investment, Rogers will also enhance existing LTE connections with 700 MHz spectrum to allow customers to access the internet in even more places, including deep into buildings, elevators and basements.”

While there was no mention of the specific areas that will be receiving a boost in network speed, Rogers does show the following LTE network coverage map and with “LTE Coming Soon.”

Screen Shot 2014-06-14 at 8.28.47 AM