CyanogenMOD releases nightly builds for Oppo Find 7A and OnePlus One

If you’re one of the few Canadians who has imported an Oppo Find 7A, the slightly-slower version of the upcoming QHD-featured Find 7, you’ll be happy to know that CyanogenMOD has released the first nightly build of CM 11 for the device.

That’s because the Find 7A comes with Oppo’s terrible, childish Color OS, built on an older version of Android, 4.3 Jelly Bean. With a custom recovery and a bit of know-how, users can now overcome those software issues by adding CyanogenMOD to his or her device. CM 11 is also available for the OnePlus One, but few are going to want to replace a bespoke version of CyanogenMOD for a generic version.

[source]CyanogenMOD[/source][via]Android Police[/via]