Parallels Access comes to Android to control Windows and Macs

Parallels continues to be one of the best ways to emulate Windows on a Mac, but the company has been adamant, as has the rest of the industry, that mobile is the future of its business.

Already available for iPhone and iPad, Parallels today rolls out its Access app to Android devices. The free-to-try service allows Android phones and tablets to connect to a compatible Windows or OS X computer, turning the typically touch-unfriendly desktop environment into one mobile-optimized.

Android users can take advantage of the platform’s openness by pinning Mac or Windows applications on their home screens. It’s also possible to wake up one’s computer from sleep using the Wake-on-LAN protocol.

The service costs $19.99 for one year or $29.99 for two, but each comes with a 14-day trial period.