SyrupCast Episode 1: Railing on everyone is a good place to start

The summer months aren’t nearly as long as we wish for them to be, but there are always moments of downtime in the clamour of daily life.

After years of trying to create one, MobileSyrup has finally put together a way to fill those gaps (when you’re not reading our written content, that is): SyrupCast, a podcast about the Canadian mobile industry.

Every week, Daniel Bader (me) and Douglas Soltys will take you through the particular idiosyncrasies of the Canadian wireless industry. We’ll focus on the stories that matter to Canadians, including hardware reviews and previews, important apps and updates, telecom changes, and a host of other topics. We hope you’ll join us as we dive through this always-interesting and ever-expanding world. Sometimes we’ll have guests, other times it may just be an hour-long deep dive into a particular topic.

One thing we can promise, though — it will always be interesting.

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As this is the first episode, please give us feedback, suggestions and comments. We’re also going to try to have a video feed going forward — we had one this time, but I accidentally kept the video on Doug’s face the whole time, and as pretty as he is I don’t think that makes for compelling viewing.

Until next week!