Update: Drake rumoured to be BlackBerry’s new brand ambassador (Nope)

When BlackBerry unveiled BlackBerry 10 to the world they also brought on Alicia Keys as its Creative Director. That partnership bombed and even saw Keys sport an Apple iPhone and tweet from the device. Prior to this it was revealed that Canadian-born Justin Bieber, who has a massive worldwide following, wanted to be BlackBerry’s brand ambassador. Bieber reportedly told BlackBerry execs to “give me $200,000 and 20 devices, and I’m your brand ambassador.”

A new leaf has turned. According to TechCrunch, Drake, who’s another Canadian mega-celebrity and rapper, has apparently been brought on by BlackBerry to resurrect its image and device lineup. Drake has come on board the Waterloo-based BlackBerry not only to be its brand ambassador, but has lend his creative talents to design the upcoming BlackBerry Classic, which is due out in the November timeframe.

Drake is a loyal user and previously declared that all his raps are written on a BlackBerry, stating “if we don’t have a BlackBerry we gotta borrow one or find one somewhere! This is the start of something I hope will be legendary.”

The BlackBerry Classic, as pictured today, will be “crafted from premium materials and designed for reliability and durability.” sport a 3.5-inch touchscreen and bring back the navigation keys (menu, back, send, end) and trackpad.

Update: Even though Drake would be an asset to BlackBerry, this news is unfortunately not true. BlackBerry sent us a note stating “we can confirm that we are not in conversations with Drake‎.”

Source: TechCrunch