Moto G LTE now available at Rogers and Fido

Motorola recently announced that the Moto G has been its best selling smartphone in Canadian history with sales topping 150,000 units. The price point is well under $200 and is available through a number of carriers.

Now, hitting Rogers and Fido today is the updated Moto G LTE. While overall design is the same, cellular speed gets a boost and the device has also been graced with a microSD to augment its 8GB of internal storage. It also comes loaded with Android 4.4.3, the latest software from Google.

The 4.5-inch Moto G LTE is available for $50 on a Standard plan and $0 on a Smart plan at Fido, while the Rogers version retails for $0 on a 2-year plan. Off-contract Moto G LTE pricing is set at $224.95 on Rogers and $225 on Fido.

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Source: Rogers, Fido