Apple’s smartwatch will reportedly come in ‘multiple screen sizes’ and have ‘more than 10 sensors’

iWatch Concept

Rumours of Apple’s upcoming ‘iWatch’ continue to swirl. Yesterday, a report by Reuters suggested that the smartwatch will be released as early as October with a 2.5-inch touchscreen that is “slightly rectangular” and feature wireless charging.

Hopping on the rumour train is the Wall Street Journal by declaring its “people familiar with the matter” believe that Apple will indeed launch a watch, but there will be “multiple screen sizes” available when it launches. WSJ also noted that Apple will embed up to 10 sensors within the smartwatch that will enable it to track your health and fitness within its Health ecosystem.

Previous reports indicated the Apple iWatch will have a curved touchscreen display with the ability to count calorie consumption, monitor your sleep activity and allow your alerts and messages to be shown.

Source: WSJ