Microsoft takes on Google with bigger, cheaper cloud storage options

Microsoft announced sweeping changes to its OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive) cloud storage options today, bringing the base storage amount for all users to 15GB from 7GB. All Outlook, Live or Hotmail users will benefit from this change, making it easier to store photos, documents and other files to the cloud from Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and desktop.

The biggest change, though, comes to those who already subscribe to Office 365. Microsoft will begin giving every Office 365 subscriber 1TB of free storage, a number that seems to be the sweet spot of “unlimited” storage these days, with Google charging $9.99/month and Flickr giving the same amount away for free to its photo uploaders.

The specifics: “For Office 365 Home ($9.99/mo) you’ll get 1 TB per person (up to 5 people), and with Office 365 Personal ($6.99/mo) and University($79.99/4yr) you will get 1 TB per subscription.”

Finally, Microsoft has dropped a la carte OneDrive storage prices, too. The new monthly rates are $1.99/100GB, $3.99/200GB. For comparison sake, Google charges the same for 100GB, while Dropbox asks for a massive $9.99/month or $99/year for the same subscription tier. Apple, on the other hand, plans to charge $3.99 for 200GB of iCloud storage with the release of iOS 8.