BlackBerry Passport will have a ‘new touch-enabled keyboard’

BlackBerry CEO John Chen proudly showed off a couple new BlackBerry 10 devices last week. The Passport will be available in September and the Classic is pegged for a November release.

On a blog post today, BlackBerry released BlackBerry 10.3 Developer Preview OS, simulator, and SDK to the dev community. This is basically a tool they can use to prepare their apps to properly work when the OS is released, and test out the new “jaw-dropping 1440 x 1440 screen resolution.”


A long-running rumour, well before the Passport was the go-to-market name, there were reports that it would feature a 3-row touch sensitive keyboard. Well, this has turned out to be true. BlackBerry has noted that the Passport will sport a “new touch-enabled keyboard” that “offers an even more productive and precise BlackBerry 10 experience, which opens up new possibilities for your app and your app’s users.”

Certainly sounds like the physical QWERTY keyboard will also operate as an enhanced BlackBerry 10 keyboard with integration similar to Swype or SwiftKey.

Source: BlackBerry