Minuum shows how its app would work on circular smartwatches

Minuum keyboard smartwatch

Whirlscape, the makers of the one-dimensional keyboard, recently declared they would expand past Android and make their app available on iOS 8 devices. The Toronto-based company has seen some success with Minuum and the downloads are somewhere in between 10,000 – 50,000, which is decent considering the app is $3.99.

Heading into Google I/O tomorrow, Minuum teased a picture that shows how their keyboard would operate in a round-faced smartwatches, say for the upcoming Moto 360. The company is currently in development and the GIF shows an incoming message where the QWERTY keyboard drops down the lower base of the display, thus giving the user more screen space and the option to quickly type a reply with predictive words.

Will Walmsley, founder of Whirlscape, also answered the question as to why smartwatches even need a keyboard with “So for smart watches to truly be smart, they need a keyboard… as useful as voice recognition might be for some situations, it will always remain insufficient when it comes to noisy environments and private message replies.”


Source: Minuum