Nest releases developer tools for connected devices, adds Jawbone and Mercedes-Benz as partners

Nest, the connected devices company recently acquired by Google, has announced a set of developer tools to make it easier for other products to connect to its Learning Thermostat and Protect Smoke Alarm. The announcement comes on the eve of Google’s own developer conference, and a day after it was revealed that Tony Fadell, Nest’s co-founder, is heading up Google’s growing hardware division.

The Nest Developer Program is a set of APIs that make it easy for existing products to use the Nest as a hub for communication. The company has dubbed this projects as “Works with Nest” and has already teamed up with LIFX, Mercedez-Benz, Whirlpool and Jawbone, with others on the way

For example, LIFX lightbulb users can connect to the Protect to “pulse red in an emergency,” while the Jawbone UP can tell the Learning Thermostat to cool the house when you emerge from sleep. As for the in-car system, Mercedez-Benz showed off how its vehicles will alert your home for your estimated arrival and adjust the temperature.

Users and developers can find out more information at Nest’s developer portal.