SyrupCast Episode 2: Acquisitions Anonymous

Welcome to SyrupCast Episode 2! We had such a great response with the first one, we figured we’d try it again with a bit more content — and a very special guest. This week, we welcome MobileSyrup’s founder, Ian Hardy.

In our second episode, we spend a little time talking about the Canadian wireless industry and, of course, a long time talking about BlackBerry. We also talk about Amazon’s Fire Phone, Android Wear, and a lot of Google stuff leading up to Google I/O.

  • Are WIND and Videotron going to team up to take over Canadian telco?
  • How did BlackBerry fare during its close-to-profit quarter?
  • Is the Amazon Fire Phone boom or bust?
  • What’s going on with Android Wear?
  • Is Google really into hardware, or are they leaving it up to Nest?
  • What can we expect from Google I/O this week?

Running time: 70 minutes

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As for the video version, we’re working on having that up shortly — ran into a small hitch and should be fixed in a day or so.

Thanks again for listening!