Deezer for iOS and Android gain Chromecast support, higher audio quality

Deezer for iOS and Android gained a nice feature bump today, adding Chromecast support and enhanced audio quality up to 320kbps.

Deezer, the second-largest streaming music service in the world by users, added two features that its listeners had been waiting a long time for. Chromecast support, which recently arrived on Rdio, has become a de facto necessity for Android-based music services, and an added bonus for iPhone users excited about an AirPlay alternative.

The company has been working to improve its presence — and financial prospects — in Canada over the past year, and recently told us that the company is approaching a million users in Canada. The company’s Managing Director, Justin Erdman, also said that churn rates are very low once users subscribe to Deezer, a factor in ensuring low-term growth in an industry with extremely low profit margins.

Higher audio quality — in this case up to 320kbps — has been a key focus for Deezer, as users have been clambering for MP3-like options since streaming took off in 2011. Users will have to re-sync their music collections after upgrading to this version, but as Deezer says, “Trust us, it’s worth it!”

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