Bell to start charging a $4.95 SIM card fee on July 3rd

Many Canadian carriers charge customers a fee for a SIM card when signing up a new activation, while many others don’t. For example, TELUS started to charge customers $10 for a SIM back in October 2012, and WIND Mobile has priced them at $25 (if you bring your own device).

Effective July 3rd, Bell will follow suit and implement a fee of $4.95 for all types of SIM cards (LTE Micro SIM card and LTE Nano SIM) on postpaid accounts. An internal doc we received states that on July 3rd “Consumer customers may begin to be charged $4.95 for all types of SIM cards. This one-time charge is payable in-store at the time of sale, and will not appear on the customer’s monthly bill.” Note that this fee excludes small business and prepaid customers.

Here’s a spreadsheet that shows the “customer impacts”


(Thanks tipster!)