Hands-on with Glance, the accessory that makes your dumb watch smart (Video)

Glance, the little wearable developed by Toronto’s Kiwi Wearables, has the ability to turn your standard “dumbwatch” into a smartwatch. The company designed an accessory that tucks under your watch strap to preform various functions, such as receive notifications (texts, emails, social messages), count steps, turn on your TV, play music, and even use during power point presentations.

Glance is made of aluminium and is subtle in design. There is no word on its weight, but it’s light. Glance recently demoed a prototype of its accessory at the We Are Wearables event in Toronto. They are still in development and some of the proposed features are not yet working, such as the display for notifications, but the company did show off a gesture that gives the ability to play music.

Glance is currently plugging away to further enhance the product, but in the meantime they are nearing the end of its Kickstarter campaign — with 5 days left they are about 50% short of their crowdfunding goal of $150,000.

There will eventually be three versions available to fit the various watch strap sizes — small (18mm), medium (22mm), large (26mm) — and it connects via Bluetooth 4.0 to your iOS or Android device. In addition, the battery life on the spec sheet states it would last up to 1-week, but the quick demo of the prototype is currently at 4-hours.

glance - kiwi wearable-mobilesyrup-2