TripAdvisor for iOS and Android gets offline maps and reviews support

TripAdvisor iOS app

TripAdvisor released a major update to its iOS and Android app this week, just in time for the summer travel rush. The new version lets travellers download reviews, photos, and city maps to be saved for offline use, which is perfect for travel to destinations with spotty connectivity or when you don’t feel like splurging for an international data plan.

The TripAdvisor page now features a ‘Download Cities’ option, which provides a list of cities for which content can be downloaded (including hotels and attractions within a city). TripAdvisor says that 300 cities are available for offline use at launch, with more on the way.

There are some limitations, however. File sizes can be large, and TripAdvisor only grabs 10 reviews per point of interest saved offline. Of course, you also can’t leave a review of your own while offline. That said, the new version is a useful update at the perfect time for TripAdvisor fans. The latest versions of each app can be found at the source links below.

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