Android distribution for July shows KitKat up to 18% share

Google posted the new Android distribution numbers leading up to July 7th, and it’s good news for KitKat. Google’s next-to-latest Android version, 4.4, is up to 17.9% of overall users, surpassing the long-declining Gingerbread in total usage numbers.

June saw many older devices like the Samsung Galaxy S3 and Note 2 updated to KitKat, so a 4.3% jump was not only reasonable but expected. The increase came at the expense of Jelly Bean, which saw 4.1-4.3 declining by one to two percent each. Ice Cream Sandwich and Gingerbread also declined, with the latter seeing an excellent 1.4% drop month over month.

Finally, Froyo seems to be on its way out, with fewer than 1% of devices running the four year-old version.

With Android L coming this fall, KitKat’s rising star is set to peak in the next couple of months as OEMs and developers begin to focus on Material Design and the next billion devices.