CyanogenMOD 11 M8 builds now rolling out

Custom ROM lovers will be happy to learn that CyanogenMOD 11 M8 builds have begun rolling out for a number of devices today. These “Milestone” builds mark a culmination of bug fixes and performance improvements, and are considered considerably more stable and usable than Nightlies, which often arrive feature incomplete.

The changelog is below:

* Common: Android 4.4.4 (Google)
* New Devices: Sony Xperia Z2 (sirius); Xiaomi Mi2 (aries); Oppo Find 7a/s (find7); OnePlus One (bacon)
* Common: Fix VPN issues related to 4.4.3 merge
* Common: Enable ‘Heads Up’ notification mode (Settings > Notifications)
* Settings: ‘Interface’ replaced by ‘Status Bar’, ‘Notification Drawer’, and ‘Gestures’
* Settings: Moved ‘Expanded Desktop’ to ‘Display’
* Settings: Moved all lock screen related items to ‘Lock Screen’ and removed duplicates from ‘Security’
* Settings: Moved ‘Navigation Bar’ layout control to ‘Buttons’
* Trebuchet: Custom Homescreen grid size
* Trebuchet: Add Protected Apps feature
* Trebuchet: Add Search Panel (Google Now) option
* WhisperPush: No longer ignores ‘Blacklist’
* Futex: Protect against Towelroot
* Various small bugfixes, global and device-specific

The device list is as follows, with more coming soon.

• Samsung Galaxy S​
​• Samsung Galaxy S (B)​
​• Google Nexus 7 2013 (Wi-Fi)​
​• Google Nexus 4
​• Google Nexus 5
​• Google Galaxy Nexus
​• Oppo Find 7A​
​• Oppo Find 5​
​• Samsung Galaxy Express (AT&T)​
​• HTC One XL​
​• Samsung Epic 4G​
​• HTC One X​
​• Barnes & Noble Nook Color​
​• LG Optimus G Pro (All e98x GSM)​
​• LG Optimus G (Intl)​
​• LG Optimus G (Canada)​
​• LG Optimus G (AT&T)​
​• HTC Droid DNA​
​• Google Nexus 7 2013 (4G)​
​• LG G2 (Intl)​
​• LG G2 (T-Mobile)​
​• Samsung Galaxy S III (US)​
• ​Google Nexus S​
• ​Samsung Captivate​
• ​OnePlus One​
​• Samsung Galaxy S Relay 4G​
• ​Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet​
​• Acer Iconia Tab A700​
• ​Sony Xperia Z1 Compact​
• ​Sony Xperia Z1

The release brings all devices to Android 4.4.4 and adds a heads-up notification feature that began showing up on Nightly builds a few weeks ago. What’s amazing is that CM still supports devices from 2010 like the Samsung Galaxy S, Nexus S and Captivate.

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