Google Play Music adds gapless playback on iOS

Google Play Music

Google Play Music for iOS added a few substantial new features this week, bringing it in line with its Android counterpart.

The service, newly available in Canada, now offers gapless playback between songs, so albums can be heard as intended by the artist. This option was recently added to Rdio’s Android app.

Play Music for iOS also now allows users to download subscribed playlists for offline listening, a useful addition to the company’s repertoire especially in light of its purchase of Songza. Playlists will begin to play an increasingly important role in the Play Music ecosystem as curated content becomes more ubiquitous.

The team also improved Listen Now recommendations, adding the ability to dismiss them when finished.

Play Music for iOS has improved a great deal from its early days, and now stands confidently next to the Android version in both features and performance.

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