Tweetings adds ability to dictate tweets and replies from your wrist

Android Wear users tired of seeing tweets on their wrists without the ability to dictate a reply can rest easy: Tweetings for Android has added the ability to do not only that, but create 140-character opuses by voice as well.

Tweetings, one of the few unofficial Twitter apps for Android with real push notification support, has quickly been taking advantage of the new Android Wear SDK. Not only is it possible to see individual @replies on one’s wrist, but the app lets users retweet, favourite and even reply using the voice prompt. With version 5.6, the circle has been closed as new tweets can now be created the same way.

It is not free, but the $3.61 CDN app looks better and is far more customizable than Twitter’s official Android version. It supports multiple accounts, has many theme options, and a card-based UI that adheres to Android’s design guidelines more adroitly than Twitter itself.

With the recent addition of Wear support, Tweetings just became one of the more useful Twitter clients on Android.

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