Motorola pushing out Android 4.4.4 update to Moto E

Motorola hasn’t even released the Moto E across Canada yet, but the company announced today that it would be issuing an update to Android 4.4.4 for the $179.99 device.

Part of its continued commitment to keeping its Moto series updated, Motorola is pushing the latest version of Android to its lowest-cost smartphone, sold unlocked and carrier-free, before any others. Even if the Moto E ships with Android 4.4.3, users will have a quick update to fix bugs and improve camera quality, upon first connecting to a WiFi network.

Motorola also recommitted to bringing Android 4.4.3 (or, more likely, 4.4.4) to the various Moto G models (8GB HSPA+, 16GB HSPA+, 16GB unlocked HSPA+ and 8GB LTE) and the Moto X in Q3, which could mean as early as this month or as late as September.