Samsung’s latest commercials attack tablet competitors, highlights multitasking and display resolution

Apple recently came out with an ad for the iPhone called “Parenthood” that focused on family and the connected home. The minute-long commercial highlighted several apps and showed how iOS can be there to help you through the good and bad times. Well, long-time rival Samsung is back once again — the second time in a week — with two ads that target competing tablets, namely Apple’s iPad.

The first commercial shows the benefits of multitasking on the Galaxy Tab S. The scene takes place in a kitchen with a father and his crying baby boy competing for screen time. Samsung declares in the ad, “What’s going on? Ah, it looks like dad’s tablet can only do one thing at a time. What if it were a Samsung Galaxy Tab S? With the Galaxy Tab S, the whole family has something to smile about.”

Apple’s tablet currently lacks split-screen capabilities, or “true multitasking” as Samsung is suggesting, but code within iOS 8 suggests it’s on the radar to be included in a future release.

The second ad is about screen resolution and how Super AMOLED displays, specifically Samsung’s displays, offer a far superior experience than other tablets on the market. “What went wrong here? Ah, it’s not a Super AMOLED. What if it were a Samsung Galaxy Tab S? Compared to many LCDs, Super AMOLEDs give you 100 times higher contrast. Instead of 1000-to-1, you get 100,000-to-1 contrast.”

Samsung’s Q2 results recently missed analysts targets and the company declared that its tablet sales “were sluggish due to a longer replacement cycle than that of smartphones” and that this was caused by “higher shipments of 5-to-6 inch large screen smartphones replaced demands for 7-to-8 inch tablets.”

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Via: AppleInsider