Samsung Apps brands to GALAXY Apps, promises ‘hundreds of exclusive apps’

Samsung has rebranded its Android app store to align more closely with the Galaxy brand, which is perhaps more well-known in North America than the company itself.

Galaxy Apps is the destination for “hundreds of exclusive apps” only for Galaxy owners, and will be the single portal for promotional apps and discounted products.

With news that Samsung had disappointed in its earnings due to lower average sales price and lack of differentiation among Android OEMs, the company is attempting to convince users that not only does the smartphones hardware offer advantage but the software, too, provides added value.

Galaxy Apps will offer Best Picks, Top Apps and For Galaxy sections, the latter of which will showcase apps that take advantage of Samsung’s various SDKs such as Multi Window, S Pen and S-View.

Of course, the move will likely go unseen by the hundreds of millions of Galaxy smartphone and tablet owners, as Google Play has repeatedly proven it is the de facto Android marketplace, and will continue to offer a far superior selection of apps and games.