Foursquare promises Windows Phone users that Swarm is coming soon

Swarm app by Foursquare

Foursquare announced plans to ‘unbundle’ its services across several applications back in the beginning of May. Swarm took over the check-ins functionality from Foursquare in mid-May, launching for iOS and Android at the same time. Two months on, Foursqaure is assuring Windows Phone users that they haven’t been forgotten.

Speaking via Twitter, Foursquare support told one irate Windows Phone user that it was putting the finishing touches on Swarm for Windows Pone and that it should be ready ‘very soon.’

Swarm allows users to check in to locations and businesses just like the old Foursquare app, but also replaces insights with points and badges with stickers. Swarm also ditches the mayor feature as we’ve come to know it, and now affords mayorships among groups of friends as opposed to one overall mayor of. You can also broadcast where you are as well as where you’re headed next.