Razer Nabu smartband could allow exchange of contact info via high-five

Razer’s smartband is supposed to offer more than just the usual notifications and fitness monitoring functionality. The company wants the Nabu to be capable of more and it wants the device to be better looking than the smartwatches and smartbands already on the market.

We’ve seen a ton of pictures of the Nabu. We even saw it in real life at CES (though it was inside a plastic case). We know it’s a good looking device. What we don’t know is what the device is capable of beyond the regular features we’ve come to expect from smartbands (like counting steps and showing notifications). Razer shed a bit more light on things this week when it revealed that the Nabu would have integrated support for WeChat.

WeChat is an application that allows users to communicate via text, photos, video, location, one-to-one push-to-talk (like walkie-talkies), and broadcast audio. Users can also exchange contact info with each other via Bluetooth. It’s this feature that is most interesting, as Re/code reports that the two companies are exploring how Nabu users can share contact info by shaking hands or via a hig-five.

The Nabu is in limited developer beta at the moment and Re/code cites CEO Min-Liang Tan as saying it should be available in the U.S. in the next month or so, which makes sense given the companion app just hit the Google Play Store. We already know that Razer plans to make the Nabu available worldwide, so here’s hoping a Canadian launch isn’t too far behind. Tan did say that keeping the price competitive is a priority for Razer and that it should cost less than $100 when it does finally go on sale.