Windows Phone 8.1 update now available for Nokia Lumia 625 on Rogers and Telus

Late last year, Nokia released a delightful entry-level Lumia that cost $200 outright and offered one of the best cheap Windows Phone 8 experiences. The Lumia 625 debuted on TELUS, but would later come to Fido and Rogers.

Now, eight months after its initial release, with the Lumia 635 looming on the horizon, the 4.7-inch dual-core device is the first in Canada to be updated to Windows Phone 8.1.

Nokia Canada announced today that the Lumia Cyan update is now available for the Rogers and Telus variants of the 625, bringing all the core WP8.1 improvements such as a drop-down notification centre, an improved keyboard, comprehensive enterprise features such as S/MIME and VPN support, and Microsoft’s new voice assistant, Cortana. While Cortana is not available to Canadians at launch, it takes just one settings change — altering the default language to English (US) — to activate it.

Lumia Cyan also includes some Nokia-specific improvements, like an improved camera and accompanying Creative Studio app. Finally, Windows Phone 8.1 also allows users to take advantage of Fitbit, the first wearable fitness tracker to natively support Microsoft’s mobile platform.

Nokia jumped the gun last week in announcing the availability of Lumia Cyan for the Rogers and TELUS versions of the Lumia 1020, the company’s current Canadian flagship, but it looks like that update should be rolling out in the coming days, too.

We’re still waiting to hear back whether the Fido version has been, or will be updated to Lumia Cyan.