Nexus 7 out of stock on Play Store ahead of possible tablet refresh

Nexus 7 tablet

While popular, at 12 months old the Nexus 7 tablet is looking a little long in the tooth. Which is why it’s interesting to see that the Google Play store currently has the device listed as “out of stock” for both the 16GB and 32GB variants. At this stage in a device’s lifecycle, such a sign usually indicates preparation for a replacement, of which the HTC-made Nexus 8 is certainly rumoured to be. While Google I/O brought nothing in the way of an official announcement from either company, the Nexus 8 is still expected to drop by September, and could be coming sooner than later.

For Nexus fans keeping score at home, that’s a Nexus 8 rumoured to replace the Nexus 7, an HTC-made Nexus 9 rumoured to replace the Nexus 10, and a 5.9 inch Motorola-made device rumoured to replace the Nexus 5 — which we’ll round up and call it the Nexus 6.

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