So long, @evleaks.

This week, Evan Blass, the man behind the Twitter account @evleaks, announced his retirement from leaking. I’m not usually one to comment on these kinds of personnel changes in the tech industry, but Evan singlehandedly changed the way we approach leaks — and he did so practically overnight. As a group that occasionally posts unreleased hardware ourselves, we know how difficult it is to source reliable information from tipsters, and how much risk is involved in presenting that information to us.

Evan has (had) an enviable group of sources, and supplied some of the best and cleanest shots of unreleased products we’ve ever posted, many of which sent the OEMs in question scrambling to find out how the content got out in the first place.

Looking in our database, there are 95 articles directly sourced to @evleaks. That’s a lot of good stuff. Nearly every tech site has, at one time or another, linked to Evan’s Twitter account, and his renders have even been used as sources for newspaper and mainstream TV media material.

From Evan, we first learned about the HTC One M7, M8, the LG G2, Moto X, Nokia 1020 and many others. We would be lying to say we’re not going to miss such a rich resource of tech news, but we wish Evan all the best in his new endeavours. You can read more about his decision to “retire” over at TheNextWeb.

Oh, and here’s @evleaks’ last leak: a couple of new Moto 360 renders. Enjoy.

Screenshot 2014-08-04 17.14.11[source]@evleaks[/source]