Toronto’s Figure1 is becoming the social network for healthcare professionals, boasts 125,000 users

Toronto startup Figure1, the startup behind a medical imagery app that allows those in the healthcare space to upload photos and seek guidance, has raised $4 million from Union Square Ventures, Rho Canada Ventures and Version One Ventures.

The app was initially launched on iOS and, after finding success, the company raised $1 million. In February, Figure1 announced its users submitted a total of 30 million pictures and expanded to the web, releasing an Android app at the same time. Both versions now count an audience of 125,000 users, and 15 percent of the medical students at over 100 U.S. medical schools use it. The photos in its medical repository have been viewed 100 million times and have been commented on over 60,000 times.

Figure1 is rapidly becoming known in medical circles as a social network for health-care professionals. “The company has already seen this result in the crowdsourced assistance of diagnosis of rare diseases, said Union Square on its site. The overarching goal is to make “the practice and learning of medicine into a more communal experience, by allowing medical professionals to share with their colleagues (and the world).”

The technology, which is half social network, half medical database, could eventually be brought under the umbrella of a larger company’s healthcare strategies. Earlier this year, TELUS Health reported revenue of $550 million for its parent company.

Source: Figure1
Via: Union Ventures