Videotron shows its LTE network will be ‘available soon” (Update)


Update: Videotron’s website has been updated to note that its LTE will be “available soon.” Apologies for the eagerness and apparently the rollout it aiming for “the fall period.” — Ian

The company will be making the announcement using its new portal, encouraging Videotron users (and others) to explore the benefits of switching over to the new technology. It’s unclear whether the company will be forcing users to upgrade their plans, but top speeds will be 150Mbps, based on the the latest LTE standards.

Videotron announced it would launch its LTE network “in the next few weeks” during its quarterly earnings in July two weeks ago, so the timing makes sense. The company purchased 10Mhz of paired 700Mhz spectrum, but has no plans to launch a network outside of its current coverage area until the government makes a decision on domestic roaming regulation in the coming months.

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