Rogers Nokia Lumia 920 update to Windows Phone 8.1 is ‘coming soon’

The Nokia Lumia 1020 and Lumia 625 recently received the Windows Phone 8.1 Cyan update, leaving Lumia 920 users wondering whether theirs got lost in the mail. This week, Rogers updated its OS Upgrades schedule, noting that Cyan is “coming soon.: Unfortunately there is no specific date mentioned and Rogers states “release dates are subject to change.”

Nokia has already pushed through the update to Lumia 920 in European countries, such as Germany, Greece, Spain, and Ireland, but in North America, the OS update is still in testing.

Lumia Cyan brings several enhancements to the device, most notedly an additional column of Live Tiles on the Home screen, an improved Nokia Camera, Microsoft’s excellent Word Flow keyboard, Action Centre notification bar, Device Hub and more. This release does not include Cortana, Microsoft’s voice assistant, but future updates will.

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