BlackBullet is Pushbullet for Blackberry 10 devices

Pushbullet, the app that allows you to push files and messages to your phone from your desktop, is currently only available for iOS and Android. With no word of an official app for Blackberry, BB10 developer QTHelex has taken things into his own hands with BlackBullet, a native Blackberry 10 client for Pushbullet and IFTTT.

The app is in pre-release beta, but the description reveals it supports the pushing of links and texts to your phone (and the other direction via Blackberry’s sharing function). Like Pushbullet, BlackBullet also offers IFTTT integration. QTHelex says he is in contact with the Pushbullet team and that he’s received help from them to deliver a good experience with his app.

Pushbullet also allows users to answer texts from their computer and is capable of pushing phone notifications to your desktop, arguably one of the best features of the app. QTHelex said that there are no plans to integrate this functionality into BlackBullet because Blackberry Blend promises similar features, so if that’s what you’re looking for, you won’t get it with BlackBullet.

Also not available is the pushing of files or addresses, but QTHelex says the former is hopefully coming soon and that he is working on the latter. Lists will come at a later date. There’s also a roughly 3-minute delay for notifications when the app is minimized, which QTHelex says is the biggest drawback of the beta, but it sounds like he’s working with the Pushbullet team to get this issue resolved.

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