Rogers launches in-store diagnostics service for your broken phones

This week, Rogers is celebrating the launch of a brand new in-store service called Device Tune-Up. Rogers and Fido customers can now hit up their local store for a free diagnostic assessment of a device from a Rogers rep. Services available include the back up, transfer and restoration of data as well as the resetting and flashing of your device. Those with another carrier will be offered data transfer and Device HealthCheck but nothing else.

Device Tune-Up is aimed at customers that have noticed a change in their device. The idea is that by bringing your phone to the store for diagnosis, you might be able to avoid the inconvenience of sending it away for repair. The Device Tune-Up process consists of three steps: HealthCheck (which provides a summary of the device’s details including battery usage and storage), reset, and flash. If your problem persists after this process, Rogers says the next step is to send your device away, provided it’s under warranty.

The technology behind Device Tune-Up comes from MCE Systems, a company that has its main offices in Mississauga and provides carriers and and wireless dealers with the systems necessary to perform content backups and transfers and system restores. While Rogers says the full suite of Device Tune-Up services will only be available to Rogers and Fido customers, those on other carriers would do well to check if their own provider offers something similar. A quick gander at the MCE Systems website reveals the company also counts Virgin Mobile, Bell, and Telus as clients.

We reached out to all three to see how they implement their diagnostic services but haven’t heard anything definitive in response. It’s possible that these carriers use an MCE Systems solution to test customers’ faulty phones but don’t offer it as a consumer-facing service.

Update: A rep from Virgin Mobile has explained that Virgin uses MCE System to provide mobile support for Members in-store. “Members can head to any Virgin Mobile Service Lounge location to get assistance with software updates, troubleshooting, transferring content between devices and device health checks,” the rep said. Similarly, Bell has said it equips service teams with MCE’s diagnostic tools “to ensure the best after-sales support for Mobility customers‎.”