Ouya reportedly engaged in acquisition talks with multiple companies


Ouya is known for having one of the most successful Kickstarter campaigns ever. The company raised more than $8 million in donations when it launched its campaign in the summer of 2012. The Android console received a lukewarm reception when it landed last year and it looks like the founders might be looking to sell up.

Recode cites sources close to the situation that say Ouya is in acquisition talks with multiple companies. These include several big players in China as well as companies at home in the United States. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the report is that this deal would be an acquisition of staff more than anything else. That doesn’t bode well for the $99 console.

Ouya met its Kickstarter funding goal in August of 2012 and launched in Canada a little less than a year later, in June of 2013. Unfortunately, in between Ouya’s debut on Kickstarter and its arrival in stores, Sony and Microsoft both announced their next generation consoles. Though more expensive, they promised high-end gaming experiences to those willing to wait just a few more months and had the added weight of big-name launch titles, something the Android console didn’t have.

The threat of these beefier consoles, coupled with hardware bugs at launch and a lacklustre game library, put Ouya on track for a less impressive launch than many people expected. Let’s hope it isn’t over for Ouya.