Nokia Here coming to non-Samsung Android devices as well as iOS

Nokia Here

Late last week, Nokia announced that its Here maps application would come to Android thanks to an exclusive deal with Samsung. However, it sounds like all Android users might soon have access to Nokia’s mapping app, and iPhone users, too.

Nokia’s Sean Fernback has confirmed to the Wall Street Journal that Nokia Here will soon be available for Android and iOS. Fernback is quoted as saying Nokia Here will go where the scale is. Nokia Here is unique in that it supports offline mapping so you don’t have to have service to navigate your way home. While Google Maps added improved offline catching earlier this year, Here offers full maps for viewing offline.

Though all Android and iOS users will eventually have access to Here, the app is slated to arrive on Samsung Galaxy devices in October. It’s arrival will coincide with the launch of the Gear S, which was announced late in August and runs on Samsung’s own Tizen OS. Here will allow Gear S users to sync routes from their phone to their smartwatch. No word on whether Here for Android and iOS will arrive in October as well.