TELUS confirms it will be launch partner for the new Moto X

TELUS has confirmed that it will be the launch partner for the new Moto X, announced yesterday in Chicago.

The company has held a close relationship with Motorola Canada ever since it launched the Moto G to great acclaim, and intends to continue that success with Moto’s newest flagship.

While pricing and specific availability have not been confirmed, TELUS did mention that it will be coming “this fall.” U.S. carriers have priced the Moto X at $99 on contract and $499 outright, so we’re expecting a similar story up here.

TELUS will also be the only telco to distribute the Moto 360 when it launches in the fall as well.

While Motorola wouldn’t commit to releasing the new Moto X on other Canadian carriers, it didn’t go as far as to say TELUS has an exclusive; the partnership will likely expire in a few months, opening the door for others to offer the phone. Last year, Rogers was an exclusive distributor of the original Moto X, but the carrier couldn’t find an effective marketing strategy for the device, and its high launch price and underwhelming spec sheet led to poor sales.

TELUS will offer the Moto X in black and bamboo variants, and the Moto 360 in black leather.

Update: TELUS has posted an update on its site stating that the Moto X is “coming soon.” No indication of a release date or pricing.

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