The Moto 360 works with any Qi wireless charger, but be careful

Worried about not having enough ways to charge your Moto 360 when it’s released later this fall? The smartwatch is the first in the Android Wear ecosystem to ship with Qi inductive charging, meaning that while it is optimized for its included cradle, it will charge using any Qi charging mat.

Have an old Nokia or Google Qi charger? Bring it along with you and charge the Moto 360 during the day. Or just set them up in select places around the house so a charge is no more than a few feet away.

But be careful: I used Tylt’s otherwise excellent Vu wireless charger (above), and came back half an hour later to find the Moto 360 switched off and the metal enclosure overheated to a dangerous level. The same thing didn’t happen on Nokia’s Wireless Charging Plate despite the two sporting the same input voltage and current, so be sure to test your charging mat if you plan to use it with the smartwatch.