Jawbone reportedly expanding its API to support Android Wear and Windows Phone devices

Jawbone is reportedly going to expand its API this week to support Apple’s upcoming wearable, as well as Android Wear and Windows Phone devices. The company currently makes two wearable devices, the UP and UP24, which monitor steps taken and calories burned, in a stylish Yves Behar-designed band.

According to Re/code, Jawbone will be expanding its API to support devices that have their own tracking capabilities, removing reliance on owning the band, as it moves to grow its platform into an ecosystem. The iPhone 5s, recent Android devices and a large swath of modern Nokia Lumia products now have sensors built in to record steps taken with no additional hardware, so Jawbone’s opportunity is quite large. The expanded API will also let other wearables communicate with and submit data to Jawbone’s backend service, morphing it from a hardware-dependent product into something more flexible and extensible.

Jawbone is also expected to release new hardware in the next six months, according to the report, and is working on raising up to $100 million in additional financing.