Transit App 3.0 for Android brings overhauled homescreen, bike share locations

Montreal’s Transit has released version 3.0 of its Android app, bringing the same hybrid map/arrival time home screen as its iPhone counterpart.

The new homescreen also shows off a flatter, Material Design-friendly UI, which features a more intuitive horizontal swipe mechanism to switch between different directions on the same line.

Transit App 3.0 for Android now features bike sharing locations, a feature that came to iPhone earlier this summer, including support for Toronto, Montreal, New York City, Chicago and 23 other cities around the world. So too is universal search, a single search pane at the top of the screen that offers results based on location, transit stops or specific lines in one’s given city.

With this version, Transit App is also set to enter into a more complementary cycle with its iPhone counterpart, as CEO Sam Vermette promises regular side-by-side updates and features going forward.

Transit App has quickly gone from being a relative newcomer on the Android scene to one of its best-designed, most feature-rich navigation apps. While there are alternatives, from Google Maps to Moovit to those provided by specific transit authorities, Transit App combines great speed, an intuitive interface, the right price (free) and no ads to disrupt the experience.

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