Cogeco to ‘discuss the future of mobile services in Canada’ on Thursday

Montreal-based Cogeco offers TV, telephone and internet services to customers in Ontario and Quebec. The company and also offers WiFi hotspots across various locations in Ontario. Coming up this Thursday will see Louis Audet, President and CEO of Cogeco, make a statement about “the future of mobile services in Canada.”

We don’t know what Cogeco has brewing, only that Audet will speak of how plans to position itself “on this important matter.”

It’s also very timely as Cogeco is scheduled to speak this coming Monday at the CRTC’s review of wholesale mobile wireless services hearings.

Update: Cogeco has issued another media statement that ensures the company will not foray into a new business category, but only that they will voice its views “in relation with the upcoming CRTC’s public hearings.”

[source] CNW [/source]