Post-It notes get their own companion app and collaboration tool for iOS

The humble sticky note has been around for decades but now the most famous brand of all is hoping to take the organizational tool digital.

3M has released Post-It Plus, an application for iOS users that goes beyond note-taking, allowing uers to organize and share Post-It-based brainstorming sessions with others.

Users can capture up to 50 Post-It notes using the iPhone’s camera and then organize their ideas by dragging the Post-Its around the screen. You can also view individual Post-Its, combine ‘boards’ with co-workers or friends, collaborate on a board as a team, and share to other applications like PowerPoint, Excel, and Dropbox.

3M is really pushing the ability to maintain the momentum of a brain-storming session with this app via its various sharing and collaboration tools. That said, as anyone who’s ever used Post-It notes knows, those little yellow stickies tend to wander, lose meaning, or end up stuck to the back of another unrelated Post-It over time. An app like this also offers a way for users to digitize or archive their notes at the end of each day or week.