Rogers, Fido, Bell, SaskTel and TELUS to offer the Lumia 830 [Update]

Bell is reportedly set to offer the Nokia Lumia 830 on October 15th, according to information received by WPCentral. While Rogers will have a week-long head start with the mid-range Windows Phone device.

Update: It’s already known that Rogers, Fido, and Bell will released the Nokia Lumia 830. Bell plans to launch the Lumia 830 on October 15th for $0 on a 2-year term and $449.95 outright.

We’ve also received word that TELUS will join the group. Unfortunately, TELUS’ availability and price point is not known, but it’s en route. – IH

Update #2: We’ve been informed that the Nokia Lumia 830 has seen a slight delay in its Canadian launch. Nokia reps are saying that it is “later this month,” but according to sources Rogers will now be releasing the Windows Phone device next week, while Bell is on deck to launch on October 22nd.

Update #3: SaskTel is also set to release the Lumia 830 in the next couple of weeks.