BlackBerry Irregular Heptagon appears online (Video)

The BlackBerry Passport is an eye catching smartphone that catches people’s attention. The next device to launch will be the BlackBerry Classic Q20, which will bring back the “belt” of function keys. John Chen, CEO of BlackBerry, also hinted that he will unveil “a new BlackBerry device concept” at the upcoming Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next year.

However, Canadian funny man Rick Mercer has the inside scoop on what BlackBerry will bring to market. What is being dubbed as “the next wave of geometrically themed smartphones,” the BlackBerry Irregular Heptagon is a “Game Changer.” Some of the features are that it includes “seven times the uneven angles” so you can hang it on a shower rod, or prop open a window. The BlackBerry Irregular Heptagon also sport dual-sided physical keyboard.