OPP says 45 deaths this year were the result of distracted driving

The OPP has released some truthful numbers that might have drivers thinking twice about picking up their device.

According to the latests stats for 2014, a total of 168 deaths have been attributed to Big Four, which are distracted driving, speeding, impaired driving and lack of occupant restraint. Speeding came in first with an unfortunate 51 deaths, while distracted driving closely tailed at 45 deaths.

OPP Deputy Commissioner Brad Blair, said, “Drivers have it within their means to end road deaths that fall into these four categories because these are not “accidents” that occur through no one’s wrongdoing. These collisions only occur when motorists drive aggressively, while impaired, while distracted or while they or their passengers are not buckled up. Regardless of the category, the tragic result is always related to poor driving behaviour.”

[source] OPP [/source]